Anti Spam Policy

Spam is sent out using false email addresses, includes non-functional if any unsubscribe info, and generally the email addresses come from some sort of “Super-Email Database” CD-ROM produced by the Spam spiders of the Web. Because it is possible to use our system for sending out Spam, we have a very strong policy prohibiting this sort of use. Using our system to send out emails to addresses gained in any way that did not include the potential clients opting into your list will incur a $500 (US) charge per substantiated incident (i.e. per email).

Autoresponders are not Spam (unsolicited “junk” email). They are based entirely around the opt-in model of email marketing. This means that your clients must first express interest in your business by sending you an email, filling out a form, making a purchase or otherwise contacting you first. Furthermore, all Autoresponder messages sent out by have an Unsubscribe link and a Change Email Address link, so the client may opt-out of your list at any time.

Please see our Terms of Service Agreement for details, or contact Please also see our guide on How to Avoid Getting Accused of Being a Spammer.